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Accessories for Laboratory Shakers

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Separatory Funnel

Funnel or Flask Holder (Midrange Shakers)

Each separatory funnel holder will hold one funnel, and you can use up to four holders at once. Holders are available for 250, 500, 1000, and 2000 ml funnels, and they easily mount to the platform without fasteners.

While the rear support of the funnel holder remains stationary, the front part holding the funnel can be released and rotated 360ยบ. This permits the funnel to be filled, inverted for shaking, and then reinverted for addition and/or extraction, all while the flask remains in the holder. This also helps to eliminate breakage of glassware caused by handling. When using standard funnels with glass, plastic, or PTFE stoppers, gas pressure can be released by inverting the funnel and shaking with the stopcock open. Gas pressure ...
Pressure Release Valve

Pressure Release Valves

Designed to work specifically with Glas-Col's new separatory funnels, these pressure release valves reduce the hazards of pressure build-up. They simply slip over the drain of a Glas-Col funnel and tighten down with a twist of the wrist. The valve can be easily removed when it is time to drain the funnel. Each valve is made of PTFE resin and is factory preset to release at 1 psi of pressure. The valve can be adjusted to release at pressures up to 5 psi by turning the pressure release slug on the top of the valve with a screwdriver. Models are also available to convert other separatory funnels to automatically vent.
Separatory Funnel Holder

Separatory Funnel Holders (Up to 500 ml)

The funnel holder will accommodate up to three funnels at once, depending on size, and can hold funnels as large as 500 ml. You can mount one or two of these holders on the shaker base.
Just load the funnels with the stopcock down, adjust to the desired shaking position, and turn on the shaker. The funnel is secured by an easily adjusted yoke, and the stopper is held in place by a built-in elastic band.
Separatory Funnel

Separatory Funnels

Glas-Col's new separatory funnel is designed to offer a new level of convenience and safety when used with Glas-Col shakers. This funnel has a screw cap with a PTFE resin lining to reduce the possibility of contamination. The drain spout is a screw-on PTFE resin design which reduces the chance of breakage and allows for easier cleaning. When used with Glas-Col's new pressure relief valve, it offers the convenience of self-venting for applications where pressure build-up is a concern.
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