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All Categories > Biotechnology Laboratory Products > Adhesive Sealing Films for Microplates  

Adhesive Sealing Films for Microplates

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96-Well Pattern Sealing Film


Sealing Films For ELISA, EA and Similae Assays


Sealing Films For High Thruput Screening


Sealing Films For PCR


EZ-Pierceā„¢ Sealing Film

BioTech Solutions is pleased to introduce sealing films designed for microplates where well-to-well contamination and cross over is of critical concern. Our easy piercing film allows for direct sample recovery with a multi-channel pipettor or robotic probes. No longer is there a need to peel back the film in order to access the wells and risk aerosols and possible contamination and cross-over. The 96-Well Template with Film Free Wells is ideal for easy well-to-well identification and pipet tip alignment.
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